Thinking through Drawing 2012: Drawing in STEAM

| May 8, 2012

Thinking through Drawing 2012. The event brought together artists, educators, scientists, medical practitioners, philosophers, engineers, computer scientists, and more, to examine the uses of drawing across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

A highlight of the symposium was the practical emphasis, with communal drawings on walls and floors, and dynamic inventive workshops using and exploring drawing in a wide range of ways.

Conference proceedings will be published in 2013 in a special edition of Tracey drawing journal, on Drawing and Cognition. Video footage of presentations and workshops will also be available in 2013.

How is drawing used within and between these disciplines? What is the relationship between drawing in the Arts and STEM subjects? What is our current understanding of drawing, cognition and learning, and how is it contributing to curriculum development and instructional design in these areas?

Thinking through Drawing 2012 addressed these issues, exploring learning and teaching practices and new research directions. The symposium functioned as an active discursive platform in which we considered the place of drawing across disciplines and professions.

We were joined by colleagues from around the world in order to share practice and discussion across countries as well as disciplines.

To register your interest in Thinking through Drawing 2013, October 25-26th, NYC please e mail